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  • Put some brake on that sucker!2015/03/03 - 00:29

    The sentence on the headline was said to me by a great teacher and friend on one of my first saltwater trips and it has ever since echoed in my head when I’m playing a fish. Even though there is a big difference in fishing for saltwater predators like Tuna, Tarpon or Sailfish to fishing […]

  • Happy Holidays2014/12/19 - 22:37

    Some years back I managed to land quite a large Atlantic Salmon from northern Norway. When I got back to the bank, it was measured 129 cm in length and we weighted it in a C&R sack. This kind of sack is very good, because it weights almost nothing, even when it gets wet. It is […]

  • Pompero – step by step2014/11/27 - 11:15

    Chasing Atlantic silver with dry flies is my favorite thing to do and also by far the most effective way to catch the fabled salmon for me. And my favorite dry is a Finnish specialty, Pompero. It has a lot common with Bomber, but there are some key elements that differentiate Pompero from its more […]

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