Submission guidelines


Topics can include, but are not limited to, any one of or combination of the following topics

  • Atlantic salmon
  • Sea run trout
  • Steelhead and Pacific salmon
  • Fly patterns for above species
  • Tying techniques and equipment
  • Casting techniques
  • Equipment
  • Conservation

We prefer that you focus on a specific topic and cover it thoroughly. We publish destination articles that focus on a specific location, river, lodge etc. but we do encourage articles that focus on a type of water or geographical region.

If your article depends heavily on the narrative structure, then be sure it is balanced with instructional information. Avoid advertising in an article. When referring to brand names and fly-fishing services, please ensure that they work within the context of the sentence or paragraph. All brand references deemed unsuitable will be removed from the article prior to publishing.

An article should be a minimum of 2000 words not to exceed 3,000 words. A selection of at least 25 photos must be supplied.

Photography and digital images

Quality images are mandatory for submissions made to Chasing Silver Magazine. Determination of the quality of an image will be based on multiple factors such as clarity, angle, content and relevance. Image quality is one of the determining factors on whether an article will be published. Photo captions should be included for each image. Captions are extremely important for the reader. We prefer cloud storage such as Dropbox or Copy for submissions and will provide access credentials for a contributor.

Images should be submitted in RAW, TIF, or high quality JPEG format with a minimum DPI set at 300.

Queries and submissions

If you have a story, or a story idea, please submit a query letter first rather than a completed manuscript. Please send an email outlining your article idea before submitting a manuscript. Expect at least a week wait for a response. All submissions are on speculation, even if you receive a positive response to a query.

Send all queries, correspondence, and submissions to

Payment guidelines

Payment is made net 60 days of publication date and pay rate varies based on the completeness of the submission package and photos as outlined above. The quality, style, creativity and variety of photos included with the submission have a major impact in determining pay rate. The quality of written text (scope, vividness, angles) and impact on editing needs is also major factor in determining the pay rate. Pay rate will be always agreed prior publishing and after receiving the submission package.


We purchase print, electronic, and in-house marketing rights to articles and photos. This includes the right to publish purchased material on printed magazine, digital magazine, Chasing Silver Fly fishing Magazine website and social media. Purchased material may also be reproduced for use in promotional material such as, but not limited to trade show displays and email campaigns.

Note: These guidelines are subject to change without notice at the discretion of the Publisher.

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