Terms and Conditions

Subscription options

Subscription to Chasing Silver Fly Fishing Magazine is annual. Back issues are available in the online shop.

Annual subscription is valid for four issues, over 12 months, which is also the billing period. Subscription is billed prior to the start of the subscription period. Subscription is an auto-renewal type and will continue annually until cancelled by the subscriber. PayPal and credit card payments are automatically charged each year when the subscription is renewing.

Subscriptions are always billed in advance, and the subscriptions will take effect after payment of the subscription fee is received. The subscription fee is not refundable in the event of cancellation of the subscription during the subscription period.

Subscription fees and changes of subscription terms

The fee for each subscription is based on the subscription fees effective at the start of the period. The subscription fees are available on the internet pages of the magazine, and in the subscription advertisements in the Chasing Silver Fly Fishing Magazine. The publisher has the right to alter the terms of subscription and the subscription fees.

Increases in subscription fees or changes in subscription terms will be notified on the internet service and/or in the magazine. Changes will take effect from the time stated, and they will affect all subscriptions immediately.

On receiving information on the changes the subscriber has the right to cancel the subscription at the end of the billing period, by informing the subscription service of the cancellation at least one week before the end of the current billing period. In this case the amended prices, or the amendments to the terms, will not be applied to the subscriber during the current subscription period.

Any changes in prices or terms of subscription due to legislation, statute or orders of the authorities, will take effect immediately without separate notification, and will be immediately applied to all subscriptions.

The subscription fee is payable by the due date. If the fee is paid later than the due date, the payment is not always registered before the mailing of the next issue. This may cause the discontinuation of the magazine delivery. In this case the publisher is not responsible for the non-delivery of the magazine.

Cancelling Subscription

The easiest and most convenient way of cancelling subscription is doing it from subscriber’s “My Account” page. Cancellation of subscription can be also notified in writing, either by e-mailing support@chasingsilvermagazine.com, or by post to Low-High Media Oy, Männistönkatu 16 B 16,
Kuopio 70500, Finland. Subscription can be cancelled at any time. The note of cancellation in writing or email must be sent  at least two weeks prior the end of current billing period.

Change of address

Change of address can be notified in writing by e-mailing support@chasingsilvermagazine.com, or by post to Low-High Media Oy, Männistönkatu 16 B 16
Kuopio 70500, Finland. Change of address will take effect from the next issue. Change of address must be notified immediately upon receipt of the magazine for the change to be implemented from the next issue to be sent.

The publisher is not responsible for non-delivery of the magazine if the subscriber fails to inform the publisher of the change of address, causing the non-delivery of the magazine because of erroneous address.

Responsibility for the delivery and imprint of Chasing Silver Fly Fishing Magazine

In case of non-delivery of the magazine not due to the publisher, the subscriber must without delay make a complaint to the subscription service. The publisher’s responsibility is limited in the first instance to supplying the non-delivered issue. Secondly the publisher may increase the subscription period corresponding to the number of non-delivered issues.

The publisher has no further responsibility for non-publication or non-delivery of the magazine, neither will the publisher compensate the subscriber apart from the above-mentioned, for any possible inconvenience, expense, direct or indirect damage, due to non-delivery or non-publication of the magazine.

Chasing Silver Fly Fishing Magazine is delivered in accordance with force majeure clause. The publisher will not compensate for non-publication or non-delivery of any issues due to a strike or any other force majeure. The publisher is not responsible for any deviation in the imprint of an issue.

Data protection

Subscribers to Chasing Silver Fly Fishing Magazine are held in the customer register of Low-High Media Oy. The purpose of the register is to manage customer relations, implementing the rights and responsibilities of the customer and Low-High Media Oy, and, in accordance with Data Protection law in Finland, the use of personal data for purposes of the subscription and of the internet services of Chasing Silver Fly Fishing Magazine; research; targeting by Low-High Media Oy and/or its partners, advertisers, or any other advertising and/or direct marketing based on customer data of Chasing Silver Fly Fishing Magazine or any other Low-High Media Oy services, without disclosing personal data to any outside quarter.

Privacy policy

Low-High Media Oy Privacy Policy applies. See in details from Privacy policy.