Issue 1 / 2008


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Silver Lining

Words: Art Lee
Snapshot about Salmon fishing – past and present.

Focus on Depth

Words: Pelle Klippinge
Guesstimate and analysis of water depth and temperature in salmon fishing.

Vom Hofe reel makers – the original

Words: Mikael Frödin
History of Vom Hofe reels. Are they still usable?

“When the Postman Rings Twice…… ”

Words: Marcus Ruoff
Salmon Grand Slam in Northern Iceland

The Black King

Words: Mikko Stenberg
King pattern from River Spey.

Dry Fly Fishing

Words: Jerk Sönnichsen
Catch a salmon from surface.

Thunder & Lightning

Words: Mikael Frödin
Classic salmon fly and modern varieties.

Great Lakes Steelheading

Words: Pete Humphreys
Wonderful opportunities for anglers to pursue the diamond of the River.

Næreoy – a hidden jewel

Words: Toni Karuvaara
A Place to test you thoroughly and rethink your fishing…

You don’t have to be mad to be a salmon fisherman – but it helps.

Words: John Humphreys
Need we say more?