Issue 1 / 2012


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Words: Juha Tissari

Review of the Switch Rods

Words: Pasi Niva

Multi-tool Rod

Words: Henrik Mortensen

The Springfly

Words: Henrik Båge

The Wind is Your Friend

Words: Jan Delaporte

It’s all in the details – close up photos

Words: Henry Gilbey

Autograph from an Swedish Engel

Words: Pelle Klippinge

Tana – a Victim for the Tragedy of the Commons

Words: Øystein Aas

Lose Fewer, Catch More – Part Two

Words: Jens Bursell

Zonker Wings for Salmon and Seatrout

Words: Mikael Lindström

Catch More Seatrout – Coastal Fly Fishing

Words: Rasmus Ovesen


Words: Thomas Woelfle