Issue 3 / 2012


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Slovenia – Fly Fishing Paradise

Words: Joni Inkinen

The Pardón de Meana

Words: Leon Links

Coastal River Steelhead Fishing

Words: Henry Gilbey

What happens in Mörrum

Words: Pelle Klippinge

A Knot is not just a Knot…

Words: Henrik Mortensen

Norwegian Salmon At 71° North

Words: Øystein Aas

Sakhalin Silver

Words: Clemens Ratschan


Words: Henrik Båge

Record Fly & Tarke

Words: M. Tunari

Patagonian Jewels

Words: Jean-Paul Kauthen

The Portland Creek Hitch

Words: Paul Smith

Follow Your Leader

Words: Mikael Frödin

William R. Olson, Maker

Words: Topher Browne