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The River Stinchar

Words: Daibhidh Rothach
Anglers’ hopes perhaps run most intensely in the smallest of rivers. Or, more accurately, they run twofold: firstly, the hope that rain enough will fall to enliven the the pockets and seams of their little rivers, which seem to fade like a snowflake in the palm of a hand. Then, only should rain come, is permitted the luxury to hope for an Atlantic salmon. In Scotland’s south west, it is of rain that seasons are made, and the window of opportunity between a torrent laden with the sediment of intensive agriculture and a water low, languishing as the disheartened angler’s spirit, is narrow.

The Magic Pulse

Words: Nico de Boer
Nico de Boer fished the Icelandic East Rangá earlier in prime time for fresh sea lice silvers. Now late in the season he is there again. For more colored salmon that are longer in the river. The looks of the fishes are different and the aggressive attacks changed into the magic pulse.

Fly Corner – Techno Monkey

Words: Teemu Venejärvi

How To Catch a Baltic Salmon (Like a Swede)

Words: Ted Logardt
Salmon fishing in the Baltic rivers is improving a lot. The fish are starting to run into the rivers in numbers and you can access loads of prime waters just by getting a license, fairly cheap, online. But it’s still quite a challenge to land a Baltic – if you’ve never tried it before, here are a few pointers.

Lessons Learned – Adjusting Your Gameplan

Words: Teemu Tolonen
I have to admit that I was never too analytic of my salmon fishing, more of a go-with-the-flow guy. But things change, especially when you get kids and get to spend way less time at the river.

Reppafjordelva – Paradise Lost?

Words: Mikko Virranniemi
I have never struggled so much with writing something as I did with this article. My original idea was to write your basic run-of-the-mill story about this beautiful salmon river in western coast of Finnmark in Norway, but this river isn’t just a normal river. It is a river with its fish population under a great threat. The threat is greed, mixed with stupidity and shortsightedness. But more of that later. Let me tell you the basics first.

Tackle Review – Farlex Reels, Putting a modern classic to the test

Words: Antti Matilainen

Norway Salmon Review 2016 – Ups and downs equals mediocre

Words: Øystein Aas
The just-completed season in Norway can be described by huge variation – between regions, between nearby rivers and during the first and second half of the season within one single watershed. Join us for a recap, while we wait for official figures to be released in early 2017.

Salmon Fishing And Big Emotions

Words: Pieta Piiroinen
It was love at first sight. It hooks you, it gives you a lot of joy, but sometimes also irritates you. It is salmon fishing.

Mastering The Moments That Matter – Advice from the world’s top anglers (Part 1: Hooking, fighting, and landing Atlantic salmon)

Words: Antti Matilainen
“When a fisherman has caught some 500 salmon, he thinks he knows the long and the short of the whole business. With 1,500 fish to his rod, he begins to be less certain, and by the time he has landed several thousand he has realized he will never get to the bottom of the matter.”
John Ashley Cooper: A Salmon Fisher’s Odyssey.