Issue 1 / 2009


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April’s Fav Five

Words: April Vokey

Perfect Shrimp ”The Pattegris”

Words: Claus Eriksen

Pacific Salmon Fall to Sea Lice

Words: Peter McMullan

A Life Devoted to Atlantic Salmon and Fly Fishing

Words: Bo Madsen, Fred Clough and Tono Puicercús

Tube Flies for Steelhead Alley 

Words: Greg Senyo

River Stryn 

Words: Dag Olav Skrivervik

Silver in them there Hills 

Words: Stevie Munn

Narcea River 

Words: Tono Puicercús

Silver Fish in Cold Waters 

Words: Kevin Feenstra

Scandinavian Monster Sea Trout 

Words: Pelle Klippinge

New Age Tube Flies 

Words: Juha Tissari