Issue 2 / 2010


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Seatrout Superdry

Words: Thomas Weiergang

Tackle Busting Silver

Words: Jeroen Wohe

Tying the Classic Salmon Fly

Words: Ari-Heikki Rintaniemi

The River Spey – Anglers Guide

Words: Graham Ritchie

David Gowie – Gillie on The Dee

Words: Pelle Klippinge

Balanced Zonker

Words: Mikael Lindström

Salmon Fishing and Psychology

Words: Øysten Aas

Wild Trout

Words: Henry Gilbey

River of Gold – an Island Treasure

Words: Peter McMullan

Michigan Golden Bones

Words: Peter Humphreys

Sink and Think – Even a Blind Chicken Finds a Grain

Words: Henrik Mortensen