Issue 2 / 2011


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Sunshine Flies for Early Salmon

Words: Mikael Lindström

Tactics for June Silver in Norway

Words: Pelle Klippinge

The Salmon and the Highway

Words: Henrik Mortensen

Clan of the Sarvijaakko

Words: Ari-Heikki Rintaniemi

Iceland‘s Quiet Achiever

Words: Nick Reygaert

Black, Silver and Spots

Words: Thomas Weiergang

Newfoundland Salmon

Words: Paul Smith

In search of Scottish Silver

Words: David Profumo

Queen of the Kola

Words: Steffan Jones

Five Milestones

Words: Ari-Heikki Rintaniemi

Big Laxa

Words: Øystein Aas

American Angling Treasure

Words: Peter McMullan