Issue 1 / 2011


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The Early Salmon

Words: Henrik Mortensen

The Lake that Time forgot

Words: Steffan Jones 1

The Head Issue

Words: Ari-Heikki Rintaniemi

The Luck of the Irish

Words: Stevie Munn

Shrimp Wise

Words: Thomas Weiergang

The River Lochy

Words: John Veitch

Wisdom at Wilson’s

Words: Pete Humphreys

Stone Flies for Socˇa

Words: Leon Links

Dry Flies and Thai-Mahseer

Words: Jakob Sørensen

Shoulder Season South Island

Words: NIck Reygaert

Tanzania Tigerfish

Words: Henry Gilbey

The Ultimate Backing,Fly Line and Leader System

Words: Hans van Klinken

Salmon on a Shoestring

Words: Øystein Aas