Issue 2 / 2018


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British Columbia Steelhead – Where Next?

Words: Bob Hooton

Going Early

Words: Helge Dahlen

Atlantic Salmon The Great Survival – Part II

Words: Eero Niemelä
From a salmon migrating to the river into a poor condition kelt and further to a fattened previous spawner.

Fly Corner – Roger’s sunk-line specials

Words: Roger Ahlfors

Dont Mess With The Mother Nature

Words: Per Halmrast
We were all part of Nature, once.

Meet The Frances – A Dangerous Salmon Fly Family

Words: Øystein Aas
Gradually, the Frances flies have gained their deserved reputation as serious salmon catchers. What is maybe most fascinating by the family is their versatility and diversity in color, sizes, and weight. Join us for a review of the series.

The Great Alta River Lottery – The Winners Take It All

Words: Tone Holten

The Play Book

Words: Teemu Tolonen

Pursuing The River King – An overview of current destinations, tackle and tactics

Words: Jeff. Bright
Over the past decade or so the top-shelf prize for fly swingers and practitioners of two-handed rod fishing in the North American Pacific Northwest — and increasingly in the global angling community — has become the Chinook, or king, salmon. Seasonal opportunities and destinations for kings on the fly are more limited than those for steelhead and other sea-run species, but the rewards for connecting with a gleaming, ocean-fresh Chinook are potentially much larger — as in 20–40 pounds or more larger. Currently, across the globe, of the fish over 40 pounds hooked on a swung fly in freshwater, undoubtedly the majority of those fish are Chinook salmon.

Dare To Fish With Just One Fly?

Words: Miki Äikäs


Words: Topher Browne