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Norway Review 2015: Cold, wet or dry – delayed runs and mixed fishing

Words: Øystein Aas
The salmon season in Norway’s many rivers became a mixed one, with ups and downs, between and within rivers! Some were lucky, others struggled, but that’s what salmon fishing is about?

The Tail in Three Rivers – Newfoundland’s Lower Humber, Codroy, and Harry’s Rivers

Words: Kim Nyborg and Bill Bryden
We’ve all looked at them with jealous desire. Tails the size of snow shovels that can make a reel scream for mercy. It’s not the silver that drives men mad, but the pursuit of it. That was my comment to my most senior guide, Clar Wareham, after he told me of the time he slept in his boat on a sheet of plywood while he obsessed over a magnificent fish day after day. Clar is one of the most generous and kind heart-ed men I have ever met, but that fish was his “precious”, and no other angler was getting near it.

First Touch on The Drozdovka

Words: Ville Häkkinen
Finally after the long northern winter the 2015 salmon season has started on the Russian peninsula. Images, stories and statistics of the spectacular salmon appear continuously in social media. This year following the Drozdovka river is particularly exciting since I know that in a few months I will stand in those picturesque spots and listen to the howling of my fly reel brake. Jump ahead a couple of very long months to find out how it all went.

A Birthday Wish on The Kitimat

Words: Peter McMullan
Mid-June and expectations are running high. And with good reason for we know the Kitimat River, in north western British Columbia, has already produced its first Chinook salmon of the year, fish that will be holding in some deep pool or run, waiting to intercept our gaudy intruder-style flies, fish of a size sufficient to satisfy the wildest, most outrageous expectations of any angler.

Dogs, Kings and a Few Bears

Words: Thomas Woelfle
Mount Alagnak, Alaska. I climb down 48 steps to happiness. Don’t worry, you don’t need hiking equipment for the 48 steps and a few feet more down to the dock at the river. The Lodge is located on a small hill with an outstanding view of the river, and all you need for the hike down is a strong two-handed rod in your right hand and an eight weight in your left. Today I even don’t have to care about that. I’m all set, and my rods are stored, well prepared, in the boat.

ViMu – Sometimes a simple fly with a simple name is all you need

Words: Antti Matilainen
It’s the first few days of May, and I’ve just landed two springers with Golden Willie Gun on two consecutive runs. I’m sitting on the bank of the River Tay and enjoying my beer, and a little chat with my friend, Miki Äikäs, about “good” salmon flies. Actually, we’ve both just caught fish, so of course now we know everything about salmon fishing and fly selection.

Tackle Review

Balancing The Tools

Words: Miki Äikäs
There have always been as many opinions about the length, weight, actions etc. of double handed rods as there are fishermen. Some like shorter, some longer, some dig soft action with long bellies, and some like fast rods with tip action. So, we can say there is no right and absolute answer in this matter.

Gear Bag

Oddball Flies for Pressured Winter Steelhead

Words: Robert W. Streeter
Any day you can fish for steelhead is a good one, yet this was an early winter morning when Mother Nature just wasn’t going to cooperate.

Lakselva – The River of Dreams

Words: Mikko Virranniemi
They call it the River of Dreams and I personally have to agree 100% with that, but whether they are sweet dreams or nightmares depends on the day. I have been lucky to experience both types. The awesome adrenaline rush when you hook a monster salmon, the joy when it`s netted or tailed, the happiness when you see it swimming away after you release it and of course that sinking feeling when you lose one.