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Sverre Jørgen Romsdal – A Man With a Passion

Words: Antti Matilainen
As the boat glides into the pool, I don’t have great hopes. The water is very high (too high to wade), dirty, and fresh fish haven’t been seen in days. Confidence waning, I’m still excited to be the first on the pool.

My way with Salmon

Words: Hans van Klinken
After nearly 44 years fly fishing for Atlantic salmon, I must admit that I did not often write about this wonderful, leaping silver fish or the special flies and techniques that I use to catch them. I wrote a lot about trout and grayling and even more about my personal fishing flies and fishing techniques, and most of these stories have been very well received.

Fresh Bright Autumn Salmon

Words: Jan Delaporte
I am freezing my butt off. It’s early Octoberon Russia’s Kola Peninsula and the air temperature is – 8 degrees Celsius. ‘What have I gotten myself into?’ I ponder, as I head for the river in the chilly, frosty, clear morning with ice crystals crackling under my wading boots. Well, I and the others with me have gotten into some of the best late season fishing for fresh Atlantic salmon around.

Organic Flies Project (OFP) – Smiles on Many Faces

Words: Justus Felix Wehmer
It was a rainy October night in Berlin, when an idea was born that had one simple objective: let us make this world a little bit better by putting smiles on many faces. Or, as we say in German: ‘Es gibt nichts Gutes, ausser man tut es!’ [There is no good, except you do it].

Fish ‘n’ Clicks – there’s never been a better time to take fishing photographs…

Words: Matt Hayes
The rapid development of modern camera technology has led to a booming culture in shooting angling photographs and films. Once the province of ‘pro’ photographers and very experienced amateurs, these days anyone can capture stunning images. And what’s more, thanks to modern social media, its easy to share your work and bask in the reflectedgloryofappreciation by your peers.

2014 Georgia Strait Coho Chronicles

Words: Peter McMullan
With recovering coho salmon stocks in the Strait of Georgia, between Vancouver Island’s east coast and mainland British Columbia, at their highest level in 20 years, and with the 2014 regulations amended to allow retention of one wild fish a day, in addition to one hatchery fish, expectations were laced with optimism as we embarked on another beach fishing season.

The Deschutes River – An easily accessible perfect steelhead river

Words: Antti Einiö
The steelhead is a curious fish. During its ascent of the mighty Columbia River, in the Pacific Northwest, it will typically stray into the many tributaries along its journey. One of the most popular destinations of these excursions is the oxygen-rich and cold water of the Deschutes River in central Oregon. The Deschutes is unique from other Columbia tributaries. French for “the falls” the river is steep gradient and has amazing fly water. From there, the steelhead will return to the Columbia, and the strongest individuals may swim the entire length of the 2000 kilometer-long river, many venture into the Snake and Clearwater River in Idaho.

Rio Grande – River of Many Dreams

Words: Paul Smith
I am obsessed with seatrout. Many nights I dream about rotund and silver trout, still with clinging sea lice, and fresh from the cold waters of the North Atlantic. Furiously, at least in dreamscape, they attack my fur offerings, tied meticulously both on steel and plastic tube. I’ll try anything to capture my prize, modern or traditional, not at all troubled by wild wanderings that distance the Butcher and Pennell. Nor is fidelity with my homewaters a virtue I pursue. I’ll travel and cast anything if it bequeaths me the opportunity to battle chromed flesh, pitting flimsy cane or graphite against salty untamed ferocity. 

Walking with Salmon – Spawning salmon in the river Sella

Words: Miguel Aguilar

Tackle Reviews

Words: Editorial stuff

Helsinki Spey Clave Classic Salmon Fly Challenge 2015 – Results and Feedback

Words: Mikko Stenberg
The Classic salmon fly challenge is a fly tying competition organized by Helsinki Spey Clave in co-operation with Chasing Silver Magazine and competition sponsors. The purpose of this competition is to cherish classic fly tying skills and to introduce lesser known classic patterns to modern generations.