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Highly confidential

Salmon season is almost on the door in Norway. Here are few very simple, but effective patterns for Atlantic Silvers. This kind of tube flies are very popular here in Scandinavia. Especially in the clear water rivers in northern Norway these flies had done really good job when given a chance to prove their abilities.

This selection is from a fly box of our Editor in Chief, Miki, and he has used similar Monkey winged flies many years with very good success. This sort of flies are really easy to tie. One important aspect with the wing is that it won’t get stuck to the hook so easily despite it’s fairly long and thin. It’s great when you can be certain that the fly is in a good shape all the time. Underwing is tied from bucktail and it’s topped with Monkey hair carefully tied to provide slim and lively construction.

Miki only use plastic tubes with these patterns and if for some reason he has to go deep, or slow down the speed of the fly, he prefers to use sinking lines instead of adding weight to the tube.

In my opinion the key point for successful fishing is speed and presentation of the fly.

Sometimes it is better to use weighed tubes. But if you think what happens during the swing, we actually don’t know what´s exactly going on end of the tippet. We simply don’t have a precise control over the fly but what we can control is the fly line. The fly line is our tool controlling the speed of the fly and that’s why it’s sometimes better to use sinking lines even if the pool is not so deep.

Now you know the big secret. I recommend tying some for the coming season no matter where you’re after Atlantic salmon. Have a great upcoming season and remember – Do the Spey!

Monkey flies from Miki Äikäs. Top secret.
Monkey flies from Miki Äikäs. Top secret.