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The Good Vibes photo contest 2014

Did you take a good photo, and more importantly, a photo with good feeling during season 2014? If you did, attend to our contest and win latest Patagonia wading gear! The winner choose to get either

Rio Gallegos waders + Foot Tractor wading shoes 


Skeena River waders + Ultralight wading shoes + Minimalist wading jacket.

Taking part is easy and you’re not required to provide professional quality photos. You are qualified if your photo was shot with DLSR, mobile phone or compact camera. The only requirement is that the photo must be in focus and the subject must be unambiguous. We also hope you provide us the photo with the highest resolution possible.

The photo can represent anything as long as it is related to fly fishing for salmon, steelhead or sea trout. It can be funny, hilarious, gawky, embarrassing. Anything that makes us fellow fly fishermen smile. We look forward to see images with good sense of situational awareness and good mood. If the photo represents a fish of any kind we will give you extra points if the fish is presented in it’s natural habitat – water. We do not want photos of dead or bleeding fish.

The winner will be published in Chasing Silver issue 1/2015, our website and social media. Chasing Silver Fly Fishing Magazine reserves rights to publish the received photos in different media and we will always give credit to the owner.

Send us your photo(s) to with subject “Good Vibes photo”. Include you name, email address and phone number. If you have a good name for your photo, include that as well. All photos must be provided to us by 2nd January 2015.




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Classic salmon fly show case

Here are some photos of a collection of classic Salmon flies tied by Mr. Toni Kakkuri. Toni is an internationally recognised Finnish fly tier. Unfortunate he doesn’t compete anymore, but he still ties flies for his living.

Back in the days of attending fly tying competitions Toni won a gold medal in the World Championships, two gold medals and three bronze medals in Finnish Championships, and from Irish Open he gained two golds, four silvers and two bronze medals. As an icing in the cake he belongs to the FQSA fly tiers Hall of Fame. In addition to being successful competitor Toni has been judging in the FQSA World Championships of fly tying – the single European ever nominated for a judge position. His web page is at Have a look (and use Google translator to encrypt Finnish J).

Enjoy the beauty of the Classic Salmon Flies!




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Highly confidential

Salmon season is almost on the door in Norway. Here are few very simple, but effective patterns for Atlantic Silvers. This kind of tube flies are very popular here in Scandinavia. Especially in the clear water rivers in northern Norway these flies had done really good job when given a chance to prove their abilities.

This selection is from a fly box of our Editor in Chief, Miki, and he has used similar Monkey winged flies many years with very good success. This sort of flies are really easy to tie. One important aspect with the wing is that it won’t get stuck to the hook so easily despite it’s fairly long and thin. It’s great when you can be certain that the fly is in a good shape all the time. Underwing is tied from bucktail and it’s topped with Monkey hair carefully tied to provide slim and lively construction.

Miki only use plastic tubes with these patterns and if for some reason he has to go deep, or slow down the speed of the fly, he prefers to use sinking lines instead of adding weight to the tube.

In my opinion the key point for successful fishing is speed and presentation of the fly.

Sometimes it is better to use weighed tubes. But if you think what happens during the swing, we actually don’t know what´s exactly going on end of the tippet. We simply don’t have a precise control over the fly but what we can control is the fly line. The fly line is our tool controlling the speed of the fly and that’s why it’s sometimes better to use sinking lines even if the pool is not so deep.

Now you know the big secret. I recommend tying some for the coming season no matter where you’re after Atlantic salmon. Have a great upcoming season and remember – Do the Spey!

Monkey flies from Miki Äikäs. Top secret.
Monkey flies from Miki Äikäs. Top secret.


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River Mörrum early bird

Our sales guy, Tommi, has been having some good time in River Mörrum Sweden the past week or so. Today he reported some fascinating news about a catch of his fishing companion Mr. Mikko Jutila. A fresh salmon measured 112cm was landed today and according to locals it was the earliest salmon catch in 74 years. Amazing! Mörrums Kronolaksfiske has been reporting about a good start in their Facebook pages but we wanted to share some insights about the fly that was chosen by the fish.

The previous day Mikko caught an eye on an old rusty Ullsocken fly in the river bank. Poor Ullsocken, a real Mörrum classic, was in a bad shape and the guys made some funny jokes about anyone who would dare to tie it on the leader. Well, there’s always one in a group who is brave enough to do thing others won’t do. So was in this group and this guy was the only one who hooked a few good sea trout that day and all others didn’t have a pull.

Encouraged by the catches the guys went to a local fly fishing shop to get some tying materials. Not everything they hoped was available so they bought what was in their minds “close enough”. That night Tommi tied a tube fly variation of Ullsocken to his friend. Though, Mikko was pretty much in charge and appointed the materials that must be used in the fly. What the guys didn’t knew yet was, that it would only take ten casts for the first Atlantic salmon catch in Mörrum river in 2014…


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A short Tay report

River Tay, in Scotland, has been very good in this season. Especially in the lower parts of the river salmon catches have been great. The average size has been also quite good. Our Editor in Chief, Miki, visited Lower Kinnaird beat on week 15. Kinnaird Estate is located in the upper part on river system. Water level was very high and water temperature was around six degrees celsius. Conditions were really tough but hey, isn’t it more usual than unusual in salmon fishing?

The lowest pools of river Tummel, Mike´s run and Bridge pool, were having very good water levels and we managed to catch and lose some nice springers. In the photo below you see one of the Tummel´s beautiful springers, caught by Mr. Reijo Ikonen from Finland. The fish was measured 92cm, and was carefully released after posing to our camera man. In the photo above Mr. Teemu Venejärvi is casting on Junction pool, where river Tummel meets the Mighty Tay.

Tummel springer
Photo: Teemu Venejärvi


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Say hi to new website

We have been busy with building our new website for the past few weeks. The next issue is due out in a couple of weeks and putting all the bits and pieces together has been interesting time for all of us at Chasing Silver. In this blog we write about fishing, introduce new products, write reviews, and publish fishing reports. Of course we’ll publish some nice fishing photos too…

One major update is the online shop. There you can subscribe to Chasing Silver magazine and buy old issues. Maybe, later, we’ll add some nice merchandise to the shop. Readers worldwide are welcome to subscribe with the same fixed price of 44.90EUR/year/four issues. We have streamlined our offering and subscribing to Chasing Silver is really straight forward now. We have only one option available which is the auto-renewal subscription for one year. Quite simple 😉 If you’d like to buy old issues we’re happy send those out to you, worldwide.

The brand new digital magazine will be launched when issue 2 / 2014 is out. It’s designed purely for tablets and the reading experience is just great! Plus there’ll be some extra content like videos. Stay tuned, we’ll announce the availability in Apple Appstore, Google Play, and Amazon App store soon.