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The Good Vibes photo contest 2014

Did you take a good photo, and more importantly, a photo with good feeling during season 2014? If you did, attend to our contest and win latest Patagonia wading gear! The winner choose to get either

Rio Gallegos waders + Foot Tractor wading shoes 


Skeena River waders + Ultralight wading shoes + Minimalist wading jacket.

Taking part is easy and you’re not required to provide professional quality photos. You are qualified if your photo was shot with DLSR, mobile phone or compact camera. The only requirement is that the photo must be in focus and the subject must be unambiguous. We also hope you provide us the photo with the highest resolution possible.

The photo can represent anything as long as it is related to fly fishing for salmon, steelhead or sea trout. It can be funny, hilarious, gawky, embarrassing. Anything that makes us fellow fly fishermen smile. We look forward to see images with good sense of situational awareness and good mood. If the photo represents a fish of any kind we will give you extra points if the fish is presented in it’s natural habitat – water. We do not want photos of dead or bleeding fish.

The winner will be published in Chasing Silver issue 1/2015, our website and social media. Chasing Silver Fly Fishing Magazine reserves rights to publish the received photos in different media and we will always give credit to the owner.

Send us your photo(s) to with subject “Good Vibes photo”. Include you name, email address and phone number. If you have a good name for your photo, include that as well. All photos must be provided to us by 2nd January 2015.




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Is summer really that close?

I have spend all my time this spring chasing predators that roam the seas and the up and coming salmon and trout season got me really off guard this time. Even this whole endeavor of having the privilege of writing on this blog really hit me in the face like a 20lb salmon!

Before I can even start thinking about fishing salmon I have to get my stuff together. I have to do a inventory on my flies, have to check that all my lines and tippet materials are in order and make sure my wife hasn’t thrown away my rods when I was out chasing saltwater torpedos.

All I can hope for is that my salmon season will be as successful as my spring chase for other predators.

Stay tuned as I will be back with more on the subject once I get my chit together.



We’re proud to introduce a priceless addition to our blogging crew Jari Koski. “Japi” is an experienced fly fishing maniac with extensive experience in both salmon fishing and saltwater fishing. You are going to love his gear reviews, fly tying articles, fishing reports, and maybe some fly casting magic.

-Editorial staff-


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Say hi to new website

We have been busy with building our new website for the past few weeks. The next issue is due out in a couple of weeks and putting all the bits and pieces together has been interesting time for all of us at Chasing Silver. In this blog we write about fishing, introduce new products, write reviews, and publish fishing reports. Of course we’ll publish some nice fishing photos too…

One major update is the online shop. There you can subscribe to Chasing Silver magazine and buy old issues. Maybe, later, we’ll add some nice merchandise to the shop. Readers worldwide are welcome to subscribe with the same fixed price of 44.90EUR/year/four issues. We have streamlined our offering and subscribing to Chasing Silver is really straight forward now. We have only one option available which is the auto-renewal subscription for one year. Quite simple 😉 If you’d like to buy old issues we’re happy send those out to you, worldwide.

The brand new digital magazine will be launched when issue 2 / 2014 is out. It’s designed purely for tablets and the reading experience is just great! Plus there’ll be some extra content like videos. Stay tuned, we’ll announce the availability in Apple Appstore, Google Play, and Amazon App store soon.