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River Mörrum early bird

Our sales guy, Tommi, has been having some good time in River Mörrum Sweden the past week or so. Today he reported some fascinating news about a catch of his fishing companion Mr. Mikko Jutila. A fresh salmon measured 112cm was landed today and according to locals it was the earliest salmon catch in 74 years. Amazing! Mörrums Kronolaksfiske has been reporting about a good start in their Facebook pages but we wanted to share some insights about the fly that was chosen by the fish.

The previous day Mikko caught an eye on an old rusty Ullsocken fly in the river bank. Poor Ullsocken, a real Mörrum classic, was in a bad shape and the guys made some funny jokes about anyone who would dare to tie it on the leader. Well, there’s always one in a group who is brave enough to do thing others won’t do. So was in this group and this guy was the only one who hooked a few good sea trout that day and all others didn’t have a pull.

Encouraged by the catches the guys went to a local fly fishing shop to get some tying materials. Not everything they hoped was available so they bought what was in their minds “close enough”. That night Tommi tied a tube fly variation of Ullsocken to his friend. Though, Mikko was pretty much in charge and appointed the materials that must be used in the fly. What the guys didn’t knew yet was, that it would only take ten casts for the first Atlantic salmon catch in Mörrum river in 2014…